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legacy_wealth_planningLegacy Wealth Planning
Co-Authored by Attorney:

Stephen M. Waltar
with Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch

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Misconceptions and myths about estate planning abound, causing harm to the ability to protect your legacy. Too many people believe estate planning is for the wealthy only, or think erroneously that estate planning involves nothing more than determining who should inherit. These misconceptions are based on outdated and incorrect views of the estate planning process— and they can cause you to limit the potential you have to take control of your economic future and your non-financial legacy.

You can make a difference to your family and the world by taking a more holistic approach to estate planning and addressing the issues that affect families in today’s modern world. Legacy Wealth Planning can help you to understand and overcome the limitations of the traditional estate planning process so you can build a lasting legacy. Legacy Wealth Planning will help you to understand:

  • How to make an estate plan for blended families: Protection of your children’s inheritance takes on increasing importance in blended families. Find out how to ensure your children are provided for, even if your spouse remarries.
  • How to provide for someone you love who has special needs: You want to make certain that a plan is in place for uninterrupted care. You also want to ensure you can provide financial support without jeopardizing access to Medicaid or any means-tested government benefits.
  • How to share your memories and heirlooms with future generations: Learn how to pass on personal property and how to share family history so future generations can remember your contributions.
  • How to protect your assets: Learn about risks that can result in substantial financial loss, from irresponsible heirs to high nursing home bills, and find out about the legal tools you can use to protect your wealth.
  • How to provide for your kids: If you pass away before your children reach adulthood, you need to have plans in place that names a guardian for your children and that provides appropriate financial support for your kids.

This information, and much more, will empower you to be in full control of your legacy so your estate plan can help you to make a lasting impact on your family and the world.

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